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Virtual Speaking Professionals

The No 1. LIVE

Training and Mentoring for Aspiring Online Speakers

Many people today want to use online speaking to grow their business, sell more products and services and connect with a wider audience.  And there are so many options. Live streaming into an international conference or meeting, delivering webinars, video blogging, live video streaming on FaceTime, creating eCourses, podcasting…

The problem is that this is often a frustrating and overwhelming journey. There’s so much competing information you can get your hands-on - literally thousands of ways to do things to help you grow your online speaking business. But this makes life difficult even for the seasoned online professional.

Online speaking is new territory for many aspiring and professional speakers.

That's why we've created Virtual Speaking Professionals LIVE, a training and mentoring online membership site to give you access to the most up-to-date guidance, knowledge and mentoring you need to succeed online as a professional speaker.

Let's face it....

Way too many people are pedaling painfully fast but not getting where they want to be - you really don’t need to struggle anymore.

Joining #SpeakingPro

  • Relief from isolation - come together with your peers to achieve more and build confidence
  • Ongoing laser focused speaking business mentoring for quicker results and growth
  • We will hold you accountable
  • Quickly cut through the confusion and identify the best online tools and setup for you to succeed
  • No travel, hotel bills and lost hours away from the family

Going It Alone

  • Spending countless hours researching the how & what works
  • Losing money buying things you don't need and will never use
  • Feeling frustrated, not able to figure out if what you are doing is right
  • Working in isolation, no feedback or other point of view or perspective
  • Lack of money, burn out and slower business growth


We provide the Skills, Confidence and Mentoring to Succeed.

“Wendy invited me to participate on a Virtual Summit last year,” says PSA founder Rikki Arundel, "and I found working with her and other speakers really helped me to fast track my online speaking ambitions".

- Rikki Arundel, Speaking Coach - Giving You A Voice


I’m Wendy Kier the founder of the UK's first LIVE online speaking club, #VirtualSpeakingPro for established and aspiring professional speakers who want to learn how to leverage the power of the internet to reach and connect with a local and a global audience. To build trust, increase brand recognition and ultimately profit.

A British author with over 2304 students worldwide from 95 countries.

I’ve brought together some of the world's leading speaking experts who share expertise and insight to empower you to speak with confidence.

I believe that everyone has the right to access great education regardless of budget as it enables people to - make faster, smarter and more informed decisions leading to positive personal and business growth.



Join us every week for LIVE speaker training

A collaboration of speakers who care about their community's success.

New LIVE speaker training is delivered every week, this is your opportunity to ask questions and get feedback on current challenges you face or just want to get feedback on to help be the best you can be.

Four Speakers, Four Courses

  • How to use Story to Inform, Inspire, Persuade and Entertain your Online Audience with Rikki Arundel
  • How to Not Suck on Screen! Or How to Present Your #ConfidenceOnCamera for Video, Vlogs and Livestream with Lottie Hearn Ross
  • Maximise your Productivity (Effectiveness) as a Speaker with Clare Evans
  • How to Use Guest Interview Podcasts to Grow Your Audience, Credibility and Connections with Jo Dodds

Every Week

  • Get your specific questions answered to help you take your speaking from strength to strength.
  • Network and connect with others that are using speaking online to grow their business.
  • Open the door and create new speaking opportunities and bookings
  • Download new speaker training resources every month to help you grow your online speaking business.
  • Ask questions and get constructive feedback from a supportive community of top notch professional speakers 24/7.

Meet The Virtual Speaking Professionals Team

The Inner Circle

Confidence on Camera

Podcasting with Power

Crafting Your Story

Find your Natural Balance

The Three Pillars



With Wendy Kier

The purpose of the mastermind is to help you establish yourself online as the go-to-expert so you can easily reach more people and bring in a constant flow of leads for your business on autopilot.

Topics include: how to get more online speaking gigs, email marketing, online course creation, social media marketing, creating an online brand and much much more.

Every month we come together online to focus on your business, each person takes the hot seat and shares what they need input on and receives feedback to move forward.

  • Come together to achieve more and get laser focused on rapid growth for the next six months
  • Gain insight, a new perspective and fresh ideas that take you from strength to strength
  • Practical, actionable steps you can use straight away
  • Accelerate your professional development with support from your peers

Ever wished that you had a group of business partners you could consult to help you grow your business faster?

  • Set a specific goal you want to achieve in the next six months and we will work with you to achieve it
  • After each mastermind you will receive a video copy of your time in the hot seat to refer to
  • We will keep an eye on you and motivate you if you get stuck

Each group will be set-up based on the level of the individual's experience - Only 10 people per group.

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We go LIVE  February 21st 2017

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Virtual Speaking Professionals LIVE

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Join a supportive community of peers and likeminded people who are learning new skills, sharing insight and working together to make life easier.

  • LIVE Weekly Speaker Training
  • LIVE Question and Answer Sessions
  • Private Online Member’s Forum
  • Facebook Live Interviews with Established Speakers and Experts and Insights to get you Motivated
  • Over 30 Hours of Premium Online Speaker Training
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Then just $39 a month after.

Virtual Speaking Professionals Inner Circle

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Ready to get super focused and take massive action? Access the monthly mastermind intensives and training helping you easily supercharge your results.

  • 6x LIVE 1 Hour Mastermind Group Calls
  • 5 Speaker Training Courses Lifetime Access
  • Over 30 Hours of Premium Online Speaker Training Lifetime Access
  • LIVE Weekly Speaker Training
  • LIVE Question and Answer Sessions
  • Private Online Member’s Forum
  • Facebook Live Interviews with Established Speakers and Experts and Insights to get you Motivated

Lifetime Access

Then just $39 a month after.


Profitable - Discover how to turn speaking online into a source of income you can profit from time and time again

Shortcuts - Learn the very best techniques for you and your business that you can easily put into practise today

Bookings - How to get people that want to work with you booking themselves into your diary


Resources -  Access the members' training portal 24/7 - 365 days a year and download additional speaker training resources

Community - Test your ideas in our top secret Facebook community, where you can network and sharpen your skills  

Connect - Have all your speaking questions answered by the best in the industry

Brilliant speakers, essential insights, practical applications - How to create REAL online speaking success.

  • Wendy is a natural….no airs and graces….just straight to the point….in a very amenable way…But there’s no getting away from it – she’s on it!

    I’m told that I can be a tough nut to crack, and Wendy promised me a focused discussion on my business aimed at generating a flow of “High-Value Leads”.

    Frankly, I received far more than I expected. – ….I have clarity….I have a plan….I am motivated…..and I guess that she may just be on my case in the unlikely case that I ever start to waiver…..!

    Rob Jones Executive Search/Selection; Personal, Executive & Business Coaching
  • Wendy is really impressive, I just had a great call with her and I can't believe how much we covered. She is extremely knowledgeable on the whole virtual summit and getting clients online field .

    She promised I would come away from our Skype call with a clear, actionable, plan and I most certainly did - in fact I've already taken some action!

    The time was focused and productive but in a very friendly way... I couldn't believe how much we covered in a short time. There is real value in this, I highly recommend her

    Karen Kennaby Business Women & Empowerment Coach * Helping Women in Business achieve greater success and fulfillment * Media Presenter

Stop trading time for money and leverage the internet to connect with more buyers.

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