Virtual Summits Are DEAD

LIVE Masterclass

How to Host a Successful Online Conference

Monday 16th October 10 am London

Perfect if you want to...

  • Boost sales, credibility and generate longterm profits in 2018 without breaking the bank
  • Collaborate and make a bigger impact in business and life locally and globally
  • Upscale your business FAST and bring in a flood of people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer
  • Have the freedom and flexibility to live life on your terms

Joining The Masterclass

  • Cut Through the Confusion In This Step-By-Step Masterclass
  • Get Laser Focused Business Mentoring for Quicker Results and Growth
  • A Behind The Scenes Look At Online Conferences
  • No Travel, Hotel Bills and Lost Hours Away from the Family

Going It Alone

  • Spending Countless Hours Researching the How & What Works
  • Losing Money Because You're Focused On The Numbers
  • Feeling Frustrated, Not Able to Figure Out OR If What you Are Doing Is Right
  • Working in Isolation, No Feedback or Other Point of View or Perspective

I’m Wendy Kier the founder of the UK's first LIVE online speaking club, #VirtualSpeakingPros The No 1. Training and Mentoring for Women who are using speaking to grow their business VIRTUALLY without leaving their home offices...with over 2704 students worldwide from 95 countries.

  • Patti Pokorchak
    I don't know how Wendy does it but she makes putting on a 15 speaker LIVE summit look like a piece of cake. She has all the emails scheduled to arrive daily with end of day LIVE recaps as well as write-ups of what went on that day. Wendy is not only a ton of fun to work with but the ultimate professional on putting on these online conferences. I highly recommend you working with Wendy if you want to fast-track your online conference.
    Patti Pokorchak Small Biz Sales Coach
  • Sue Bradley
    Wendy Keir runs Virtual Speaking Professionals, which amongst other benefits boasts a huge number of resources members can tap into- trainings on everything you could imagine to do with the subject. On a personal level, Wendy is super responsive and helpful, ready to chat whenever I needed a hand as a new member. I thoroughly recommend her as a very genuine contact.
    Sue Bradley Eating Psychology UK
  • Karen Kennaby
    Wendy is really impressive, I just had a great call with her and I can't believe how much we covered. She is extremely knowledgeable on the whole virtual summit and getting clients online field . She promised I would come away from our Skype call with a clear, actionable, plan and I most certainly did - in fact I've already taken some action! The time was focussed and productive but in a very friendly way... I couldn't believe how much we covered in a short time. There is real value in this, I highly recommend her. Thank you Wendy.
    Karen Kennaby Leading Coach For Expat Women
  • Ginny Carter
    If you're wondering what all the hype is about virtual summits and how they could apply to you, Wendy's course gives you the low-down. From understanding the strategy to considering how to put it into practice, this training covers all bases.
    Ginny Carter The Author Maker
  • Ros Conkie
    We have just run our first virtual summit at a profit, and are now planning our second one.
    Ros Conkie Marketing and Business Development Consultant and Trainer
  • Karen Williams
    I'd highly recommend Wendy's services if you are considering running a summit of your own.
    Karen Williams Business Book Mentor for Coaches
  • Nikki Wild
    The summit shared high quality information of real value to those who attended as well as allowing the speakers to highlight the services that they offer. A definite win-win!
    Nikki Wild Wild Empowerment Ltd