Virtual Summits are DEAD

How to Host Your First Wildly Profitable LIVE Online Conference in just 4-Weeks.

Join me and discover...

  • Why LIVE online conferences are going to be the No 1. Strategy for winning the hearts and minds of a LIVE audience.
  • How to engage a LIVE online audience face-to-face in real-time. The same way you would if you were speaking at a LIVE in the room event pain-free.
  • How to take your idea from conception to going LIVE in just 4-Weeks.

And so much more...

  • Boost sales, credibility and generate longterm profits in 2018 without breaking the bank
  • Collaborate and make a bigger impact in business and life locally and globally
  • Upscale your business FAST and bring in a flood of people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer
  • Have the freedom and flexibility to live life on your terms

Hi, I'm Wendy Kier 👄 

The UK'S leading LIVE Online Conference and Virtual Summit expert, I've been hosting Virtual Summits, LIVE Online Conference, Telesummits, Webinars and Interview Series since 2013. 

Founder of the UK's first online speaking club, #VirtualSpeakingPros with over 2500 students from 95 different countries. 

I mentor committed female entrepreneurs who are established in the marketplace, have a message that makes a difference, and want to take their expertise online. 💞 

I coach them to confidently step into their visibility, reach a wider audience, and create more clients in a way that is simple, fun and feminine. 👠

What Our Customers Have to Say

  • I don't know how Wendy does it but she makes putting on a 15 speaker LIVE summit look like a piece of cake. She has all the emails scheduled to arrive daily with end of day LIVE recaps as well as write-ups of what went on that day. Wendy is not only a ton of fun to work with but the ultimate professional on putting on these online conferences. I highly recommend you working with Wendy if you want to fast-track your online conference.
    Patti PokorchakSmall Biz Sales Coach
      Patti Pokorchak
  • Wendy Keir runs Virtual Speaking Professionals, which amongst other benefits boasts a huge number of resources members can tap into- trainings on everything you could imagine to do with the subject. On a personal level, Wendy is super responsive and helpful, ready to chat whenever I needed a hand as a new member. I thoroughly recommend her as a very genuine contact.
    Sue BradleyEating Psychology UK
      Sue Bradley
  • Wendy is really impressive, I just had a great call with her and I can't believe how much we covered. She is extremely knowledgeable on the whole virtual summit and getting clients online field . She promised I would come away from our Skype call with a clear, actionable, plan and I most certainly did - in fact I've already taken some action! The time was focussed and productive but in a very friendly way... I couldn't believe how much we covered in a short time. There is real value in this, I highly recommend her. Thank you Wendy.
    Karen Kennaby Leading Coach For Expat Women
      Karen Kennaby
  • If you're wondering what all the hype is about virtual summits and how they could apply to you, Wendy's course gives you the low-down. From understanding the strategy to considering how to put it into practice, this training covers all bases.
    Ginny CarterThe Author Maker
      Ginny Carter
  • We have just run our first virtual summit at a profit, and are now planning our second one.
    Ros ConkieMarketing and Business Development Consultant and Trainer
      Ros Conkie
  • I'd highly recommend Wendy's services if you are considering running a summit of your own.
    Karen WilliamsBusiness Book Mentor for Coaches
      Karen Williams
  • The summit shared high quality information of real value to those who attended as well as allowing the speakers to highlight the services that they offer. A definite win-win!
    Nikki WildWild Empowerment Ltd
      Nikki Wild
  • #1000Women is a brilliant project full of excellent content, sure to effectively help anyone seeking to improve their online presence and voice. What I like most about it is the friendly atmosphere, the fact that we are truly listened to and that we can learn so much from listening ourselves. Thank you Wendy, for creating this project. I also attended the latest online conference organized and hosted by Wendy and the format was just perfect, highly interactive and clear.
    Tania Castilho
      Tania Castilho
  • #1000women... it was awesome. I am brand new to all this and it certainly was a wonderful introduction. Thank you very much Wendy for that. Looking forward to moving forward
    Hope Locke
      Hope Locke

Joining The Masterclass

  • Cut Through the Confusion In This Step-By-Step Masterclass
  • Get Laser Focused Business Mentoring for Quicker Results and Growth
  • A Behind The Scenes Look At Online Conferences
  • No Travel, Hotel Bills and Lost Hours Away from the Family

Going It Alone

  • Spending Countless Hours Researching the How & What Works
  • Losing Money Because You're Focused On The Numbers
  • Feeling Frustrated, Not Able to Figure Out OR If What you Are Doing Is Right
  • Working in Isolation, No Feedback or Other Point of View or Perspective