How to upscale your business FAST and compete against the big girls on a tiny budget.

How to Launch an Online Programme Successfully

  • Why automation is killing your sales and what you can do about it.
  • The top three things that need to be in your online marketing toolkit.
  • How to bring in a steady flow of leads on a teeny tiny budget.
  • Why LIVE webinars rule and how to use them.
  • How to significantly increase your sales with personalised follow-ups.

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Who this masterclass is for....

Perfect for you if you want to be on more Podcasts, Radio and Webinars hosted by other people to reach a wider audience....

Perfect for you if you want to speak at a Virtual Summit, Online Conferences or Paid LIVE Streaming into Conferences...

I’m Wendy Kier the founder of the UK's first LIVE online speaking club, #VirtualSpeakingPros for established and aspiring professional speakers who want to learn how to leverage the power of the internet to reach and connect with a local and a global audience.

To build trust, increase brand recognition and ultimately profit.

A British author with over 2304 students worldwide from 95 countries.

I’ve brought together some of the world's leading speaking experts who share expertise and insight to empower you to speak with confidence.

Joining The Masterclass

  • Cut Through the Confusion With This Step By Step Masterclass
  • Laser Focused Business Mentoring for Quicker Results and Growth
  • Learn the Strategy YOU need to make your Launch a Success
  • No Travel, Hotel Bills and Lost Hours Away from the Family

Going It Alone

  • Spending Countless Hours Researching the How & What Works.
  • Losing Money Because you're NOT getting Booked.
  • Feeling Frustrated, Not Able to Figure Out if What you Are Doing is Right.
  • Working in Isolation, No Feedback or Other Point of View or Perspective.

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