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Emma Sargent is a specialist at creating streams of income from information products. Together with her husband Tim Fearon, she is the co-owner of The Extraordinary Coaching Company and the co-founder, also with him, of The Extraordinary Experts’ Academy. The Academy is dedicated to helping authors, speakers, coaches, trainers and experts create Information Businesses that have real value to them and their clients.

Author of three books, and with two more in the pipeline, Emma has been in the ‘Information’ business for over 20 years, training and coaching, internationally, a diverse range of business leaders from multinationals to one man/woman bands. She started her career in sales and considers that she has been in sales all of her working life. She has a psychology degree and is a Master Practitioner and Certified Trainer of NLP.

Emma has a portfolio of business projects, partnering with celebrities, athletes, and well-known figures in the business and internet marketing world, all with the intention of creating passive income streams and vibrant and valuable information businesses.

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