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Exclusively for aspiring women entrepreneurs like yourself who are ready to drop the struggle, get into momentum quickly and fast-track to a thriving business in a way that is truly joyful.

I carefully select only the very best, professional female speakers to deliver training for our members.
Uplevel your speaking skills, ask questions, get feedback and put it into practice.
There is NO POINT in investing time and energy in training and mentoring if you don't put what you are learning into practice.
Once a month we set a business speaking challenge which gives you the opportunity to not only deliver a talk online but for you also to receive feedback from your peers.
A problem shared is a problem halved....This is your opportunity to share with your peers what your challenges are in your business to enable you to get unstuck.
An opportunity for you to deep dive into a difficulty you are facing to get unstuck and to get support from your peers. 
Whatever your intentions are for joining we will support you all the way by holding you accountable in our "Get It Done" monthly LIVE online video mentoring call.
You might want to learn how host successful Facebook live's, live stream into a conference, perfect your story, host a podcast or even learn how to turn your audience into paying clients.

Joining #1000Women

  • Relief from isolation - come together with your peers to achieve more and build confidence
  • Ongoing laser focused speaking business mentoring for quicker results and growth
  • We will hold you accountable
  • Quickly cut through the confusion and identify the best online tools and setup for you to succeed
  • No travel, hotel bills and lost hours away from the family

Going It Alone

  • Spending countless hours researching the how & what works
  • Losing money buying things you don't need and will never use
  • Feeling frustrated, not able to figure out if what you are doing is right
  • Working in isolation, no feedback or other point of view or perspective
  • Lack of money, burn out and slower business growth

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How to Calculate your Speaker FEE

  • Excel Working Document Download

New Client Kit!

  • Welcome Letter
  • Intake Form
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Ongoing Pre Call Form
  • Monthly Review Form
  • My Coaching History Form
  • How to Hold Me Accountable
  • Payment Arrangement Form
  • Referral Request
  • Client Invoice Sample

Save the Sale Kit: Letters to Get Every Sale

  • Email to Follow Up With Potential Customers Who Do Not Buy
  • Email to Send When a Potential Client Says “No”
  • Email to Reconnect With a Past Client
  • Email to Send to a Canceled Group Coaching Member
  • Email to Send When a Client Says “It’s Not in My Budget”
  • Email to Send When Client Isn’t Doing the Work
  • Email to Send Following a No-Show Appointment
  • Email to Send When They Hire a Different Coach
  • Email/Letter Responding to a Refund Request
  • Email to Send When a Sales Call Goes Bad

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6-Expert Speaker Online Marketing Courses Plus Bonus Training

Plus Get Instant Access

Download over 20 world class expert speaker masterclasses

  • How to use stories to connect with your tribe using livestreaming w/ Helen Packham
  • Podcasting with Power w/ Jo Dodds
  • Believe Act Share w/ Trish Springsteen
  • Webinars that people will LOVE and buy on w/ Tina Sibley
  • Get Clear and Confident in Your Value! w/ Patti Pokorchak
  • How to always get a YES on your Discovery Calls w/ Jessica Lorimer
  • Leveraging Your Li$t: The Revenue is in the Relationships w/ Patty Farmer
  • Crafting an Inspiring Story for YOUR Business w/ Rikki Arundel
  • Disover how to calculate your speaker fee w/ Clare Evans
  • How to Get Over Yourself w/ Beverley Hepting
  • Preaching Propositions w/ Jackie Gale
  • How to Get the Clarity to Speak from Your Heart with Courage, Confidence and Charisma w/ Valerie Dwyer
  • Connect to Communicate: Communicate to Connect w/ Judith Quin
  • Offline secrets for online speaking success w/ Mel Sherwood
  • Confidence on Camera for Professional Speakers w/ Lottie Ross Hearn
  • Gamification - How to engage your audience online w/ An Coppens
  • How to Captivate Your Online Audience w/ Sylvia Baldock
  • Charisma - discover the secret of audience engagement w/ Nikki Owen
  • Turning the tables - how to be a great interviewer/host w/ Karen Kennaby
  • How to create persuasive and inspiring speech w/ Shola kaye

Premium Training and Mentoring for Women Who are looking to use speaking to grow their business VIRTUALLY without leaving their home.

6-Months Online LIVE Programme Value £4555

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  • A Fun Supportive Environment
  • Great Value Online Speaker and Marketing Training
  • Quality Content
  • Knowledge, Information to Start and/or Improve as an Online Speaker


  • Increased Confidence
  • Community and Connections in the Speaking World
  • Collaboration and Connection with Peers
  • Consistent Professional and Personal Development


  • Piecing together the Internet Marketing Puzzle for You
  • Exceptional Online Speakers
  • Improved Hard and Soft Speaking Skills and Technical Knowledge


Profitable - Discover how to turn speaking online into a source of income you can profit from time and time again

Shortcuts - Learn the very best techniques for you and your business that you can easily put into practise today

Bookings - How to get people that want to work with you booking themselves into your diary


Resources -  Access the members' training portal 24/7 - 365 days a year and download additional speaker training resources

Community - Test your ideas in our top secret Facebook community, where you can network and sharpen your skills  

Connect - Have all your speaking questions answered by the best in the industry

We offer YOU a safe place to GROW with NO judgement to help you build the confidence to make a bigger IMAPCT in the world.

Join a supportive community of likeminded women who are learning new skills, sharing insight and working together to make business and life more fun.